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Text Comments (26704)
Fire Wolves (4 hours ago)
Lol what happened to fousey
Mike Eritrea (4 days ago)
Please comeback
Alex _15 (5 days ago)
I miss this fousey
Soda LC (7 days ago)
This lady is Shamie girlfriend now ?????
Levi MW (14 days ago)
Garry Maxwell (17 days ago)
0:43 "yeah, right" 😂😂
Past Present Future (25 days ago)
When you walk in at the wrong time haha 2:58 the cute little dollor dpggie
يوسف صبحي (1 month ago)
ليش المريكي يغار علا عرضو غريبه
surya deepak (1 month ago)
Good times
SUB TO PEWDIEPIE (1 month ago)
Matthew Wss (1 month ago)
MARKO (1 month ago)
yousef just get back i really miss you bro.. forget everything happend get back to daily vlogs i miss u dawg fr
Bryan Lim (1 month ago)
When she show Roman it was a prank look like she was flashing
Desiree Matthews (1 month ago)
This is golden🐸🔥👌♒
Alexis Vasquez (1 month ago)
Who’s watching this in 2019
gerald guba (1 month ago)
XXX GOLD XXX (1 month ago)
Waheed Majeed (1 month ago)
Jab es k sath prank hota hy to ya khud bayhosh ho jata hy
bikash bhandari (1 month ago)
No one can laugh like him
_erikkk_ (1 month ago)
2019 GANG WYA??
Malik Spires (2 months ago)
lol her bf patience left the chat at 4:20
Omar El Fawal (2 months ago)
Who's watching this in 2019
Edilson Mendez (2 months ago)
How’d she begin crying ?
Radical Shadow (2 months ago)
Recommended to me after 3 years?
LonelyGoof (2 months ago)
Why is this on my recommended in 2019 😂
Mickey6tv Mk (2 months ago)
DLB 1469 (2 months ago)
Silvergamer Xd77 (2 months ago)
0:56 Roman saw the camera
Flo (2 months ago)
Kannyrado TV (2 months ago)
Timo Poöl (2 months ago)
Stoped frend
Prithvijit Mukherjee (2 months ago)
Roman just gave spare...and after this big dogg a small dog came too
Aaliyah Franck (2 months ago)
Waittttt so am a new subscriber right and his already bold wow #nohairforhim this is my first time see a YouTuber have NO HAIR
Ali BV (6 months ago)
he caught on pretty fast tho
King Challenger (6 months ago)
Yo ur in the movie it called The boo movie
Edwin Lopez (8 months ago)
At 2:59 the dog come in at the wrong time in the dogs mind it: wtf im out
2wenty 3hree (8 months ago)
The outro was a fart sound?
BlooBear Yt (8 months ago)
Bro 8 seconds more in the vid he would have kicked your ass
Strong_Gamer (8 months ago)
To bad he went crazy...
Dat Wolf (8 months ago)
Britteny the whole time "I was in the shower"😢
George (8 months ago)
when you make so many pranks.. I know It's a joke but give me your phone LMFAO
SlayzNetwork (8 months ago)
THIS IS FOUSEY THE GUY I GREW UP WATCHING .... Dont know what happen now...
The good fousey
Iambella MUA (8 months ago)
So like the title lolol
Josh S-TV (8 months ago)
Cringey and sensitive prank. Jesus help us all.
Anna Putz (8 months ago)
I’m still rewatching these videos in 2018
Davidtheman 3 (8 months ago)
Roman is a savage
Bullet - Playss (8 months ago)
When you were nice.
C Mayb (8 months ago)
If onlyy she whould be naked tho js lol
SP R (8 months ago)
Feeling sad for jacoby shaddix guy
Maria Jose Ramos (8 months ago)
DBZayan (8 months ago)
"Why were you taking a shower when he was taking pictures?" LMAO
2:58 dam
sheikh burhan (8 months ago)
At 2.13 he sees the camera
Iced Knight (8 months ago)
2018 watching I thought Roman was soft
Bryan Martinez (8 months ago)
she a good acter
Thegoattamer427 (8 months ago)
Fousey made this because he loves them hookers ;)
Sonam Pinasa (8 months ago)
I love how the dog came in and then she backed up
Good prank
Bmoney Saucy (8 months ago)
I know I'm mad late but that's by boy Roman
Super plush bros Films (8 months ago)
Nick Day (8 months ago)
Rigels Rajku (8 months ago)
isnt she with romantwood?
OMG 😮😦
Karson Cassidy (8 months ago)
Bahaha fousey would kick his ass if he tried
Genesis so Cool (8 months ago)
Omg hi was so mad
OTTOMAN EMPİRE (8 months ago)
Tuuki 35 (8 months ago)
Why did roman have to tackle him like that lol
HyperReaper (8 months ago)
Roman is SOO CHILL ive been a fan sence 2012
jahyaboi (8 months ago)
Omg he was in the movie madeas Halloween
Mr Redneck (8 months ago)
Roman was about to beat the shit outta you Fousey
M.Y Attac (8 months ago)
When the king of pranks gets pranked. But roman u cant finesse a finesser
Moshi Mongelwa (8 months ago)
Vicky Serrato (8 months ago)
2:59 the dog even came!
Y M (8 months ago)
Rip X
Rayon Clarke (9 months ago)
R.I.P Dollar.
Do you know Him (9 months ago)
Did you guys see the small dog on the door on 3:00😂😂😂
0559069011 ahmad hashysh (9 months ago)
Lydia_Graczyk (9 months ago)
"My girlfriends crying" You mean wife?? :)
Scott (9 months ago)
Roman was going to knock you the ... out ! LOL......... good one
Eiron Pineda (9 months ago)
Hayden Rushlo (9 months ago)
Brittany “Do you still love me?”😂😂
Jemuel Everduim (9 months ago)
I've never seen him angry before
Mr. Blobfish derp (9 months ago)
fiul mamei (9 months ago)
you do not even know how to pretend, make a good prank
DC Sushant Roy (9 months ago)
RusselVlogsTV (9 months ago)
2:99 let me flash you roman!!!!!
Qilt (9 months ago)
"Snapchat for Instagram"
Imran Ahmed (9 months ago)
note at .44 light blinks automatically when he spotted out
Imran Ahmed (9 months ago)
o.40 look at his mouth open! like Sin boy!
Meer (9 months ago)
2:59 (left corner) dog shows how u backtrack from ur decision when u think better of it.
Akame Chan (9 months ago)
PAuse 0:05 his mouth looks like a vagi
Aaric Larson (9 months ago)
He took him down
marco_theoneandonly (9 months ago)
title made no sense ''caught naked in shower prank'' rlly?? you go to shower as naked stupid boi
Luis Arias (9 months ago)
Luis Arias (9 months ago)
Aaidantube (9 months ago)
2:59 did you see the dog at the door he was like What the hell is going on here 0.5 seconds later never mind I’m outta here
Wanted Traceurs (9 months ago)
I always hear "welcome to pussy two"
Micah Austin (9 months ago)
2:53 LMAO 😂😂😂
Lamaiya Lakhan (9 months ago)
Did everyone else see the dog walk in then when it saw what was happening it walked back out
Ocean Taylor (9 months ago)

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